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leak detection

Are you looking for Water Leak Detection in Broward, Florida?

At Plumbers 24x7 we have the experience and tools to help you with any water leak detection job in Broward county and nearby cities.

Leaks can happen anytime, anyplace. And as a plumber, leak detection is one of the most crucial skills to have. It’s no secret that leaks can cause immense damage to homes; and, if left untreated, these leaks can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages. For that reason, it’s essential to know how to efficiently spot a leak.

First off all we should devide the leaks in 2 groups: leaks in water lines and leaks in drainage pipes or areas. When a plumber comes to a house the first thing to do, is identify if the leak is caused by a damage in the water line or in the drainage área.

How tyo understand if I am facing a water leak or drainage leak

Number 1. Close the main water valve of the house, then go to the meter. If the meter moves, you have a leak between the meter and the main valve of the property.

Turn off all faucets and fixtures one by one; if the dripping persists despite their closure, it's likely a sign of water leakage rather than drainage issues. Finally, enlist technology on your side - grab yourself a trusty flashlight and inspect any visible pipes for signs such as moisture accumulation or discoloration. Remember to keep calm throughout this exhilarating adventure because identifying whether it's plumbing-related raindrops falling from above (water leak) or creeping up from below (drainage leak) will save both time and money in resolving these pesky pipe predicaments!

Leaky or faulty pipes can be caused by a wide range of factors, but here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Corrosion: As pipes age and get older, their structural integrity can fade. Rust and other corrosive factors can wear away at the pipes, eventually creating openings and holes, many of which can lead to damaging leaks. If your pipes are older, it may be time to think about having them evaluated or serviced.
  2. Broken seals: When plumbers or other technicians lay pipes, they often put rubber sealant around vulnerable areas of the pipe to ensure that everything stays watertight. While this is a common and helpful practice, the sealant doesn’t always last. And if it wears out, it can lead to bad leaks throughout your home.
  3. High water pressure: While many of us enjoy the benefits of high water pressure, extreme pressure can be damaging for your pipes. The higher the pressure, the harder the water hits the pipes. After years and years of this pressure, pipes can eventually burst, causing distressing leaks and extensive damage.
  4. Drain clogs: While drain clogs are completely normal, they can cause extensive damage if left untreated. Sometimes, these clogs contain toxic and corrosive chemical buildup, which can eat away at the pipes, causing leaks. It’s always best to treat your clogged drains as soon as you can. And if you don’t know how, call a plumber.
  5. Faulty pipe laying: Although unfortunate, not every plumber can be trusted to do a stellar job. Omitting crucial elements such as using connectors properly and utilizing backflow devices when needed can lead to leaks and other issues. To avoid leaks, it’s essential to have a trusted, reputable plumbing company lay your pipes



Frequent asked questions about leak detection

1. How can you tell where a leak is coming from?

When a pipe is leaking, there are several signs to watch out for, including any dripping sounds, musty smells, bubbling paint, and wall discoloration.

2. Why do pipes suddenly burst?

While pipes don’t often burst for no reason, the extreme contrast of hot and cold water within your pipes can sometimes lead to cracked or burst pipes in your home.

3. What do I do if I have a leaky or burst pipe?

First, you should shut off your water and try to dry the area if possible. Next, you should call a plumber! Here at Plumbers 24x7, we know how crazy a leaking or burst pipe can be, and you can rest assured that we’ll handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Most homeowners have been there. And while having a leaky or burst pipe can feel like a nightmare, just know that Plumbers 24x7 will always be there to help you and your family. We know that these things are never planned; and we’re here, day or night. If you live in the Broward or Miami-Dade counties area, we’d love to serve you smoothly, efficiently, and affordably, so that you can focus on what matters.

Why Customers Choose our Plumbing Company?

If you are looking for plumbing services, then something has surely gone wrong in your house. At Plumbers 24x7, we understand how severe a plumbing issue can be. 

Reasons for Hiring Plumbers 24x7

Safety- Plumbing can be dangerous for you if you do not have the skills to manage the operation, leading to serious consequences. However, with us at your service, you can rest assured of your safety.

Experience- Our team has years of experience, and we understand the in-depth issues and resolve the problems accordingly.

Work with the Right Tools- One of the primary reason customers trust Plumbers 24x7 as plumbing contractors and hire us is that we use the right tools and equipment to deal with plumbing problems and do not make clients wait. You can rely on us for the work, and we will not disappoint you.

Reliable Services- We are fully aware of our job and offer reliable services and understand your problem.

Cost-Effective- An ultimate reason for hiring Plumbers 24x7 is that we provide our clients with affordable and reliable services. In short words, we will not break your pocket.

We are available 24/7 at your service. You can contact us anytime.

How much does it cost a leak detection?

It depends on the area and the problem and house it self. It is not the same find aleak in one areaof the house than find a leak in the whole house, as it it not the same, to find a leak in a one bathroom house than find a leak in a house with several bathrooms and more than 4000 sf., but in cities like Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Miramar, Hollywood, Weston, Cooper City, Sunrise, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Kendall, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, South Miami, Miami Lakes, Miami Beach,  where we get most of our calls, the cost of a leak detection goes from $350 to $1200+, it always depends of the complexity of the job.


Plumbers 24x7

Plumbers 24x7 is a well-known emergency plumbing service contractor servicing  Broward county for years. Known for their professionalism and impeccable commercial and residential plumbing work, they are a service chosen by many. Offering cost-effective options and always reliable, Plumbers 24x7 is proud to offer leak detection service among their many service options.

If you are looking to optimize your house’s plumbing system or find yourself in an emergency plumbing situation, contact Plumbers 24x7 and with their 24 hour service, they will help you right away!

Water leak detection in Broward County cities:

  • Water leak detection in Miramar
  • Water leak detection in Cooper City
  • Water leak detection in Weston
  • Water leak detection in Pembroke Pines
  • Water leak detection in Hollywood, Florida
  • Water leak detection in Southwest Ranches
  • Water leak detection in Davie
  • Water leak detection in Plantation
  • Water leak detection in Sunrise
  • Water leak detection in Fort Lauderdale
  • Water leak detection in Coral Springs
  • Water leak detection in Pompano Beach
  • Water leak detection in Tamarac
  • Water leak detection in Deerfield Beach
  • Water leak detection in Coconut Creek
  • Water leak detection in Lauderhill
  • Water leak detection in Hallandale Beach
  • Water leak detection in Margate
  • Water leak detection in Oakland Park
  • Water leak detection in Dania Beach
  • Water leak detection in North Lauderdale
  • Water leak detection in Lauderdale Lakes
  • Water leak detection in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
  • Water leak detection in Wilton Manors
  • Water leak detection in Lighthouse Point
  • Water leak detection in Pembroke Park
  • Water leak detection in West Park
  • Water leak detection in Hillsboro Beach
  • Water leak detection in Sea Ranch Lakes
  • Water leak detection in Lazy Lake
  • Water leak detection in Sunshine Acres
  • Water leak detection in Pine Island Ridge
  • Water leak detection in Broadview Park
  • Water leak detection in Hillsboro Pines
  • Water leak detection in Boulevard Gardens
  • Water leak detection in Franklin Park
  • Water leak detection in Washington Park
  • Water leak detection in Franklin Park
  • Water leak detection in Washington Park
  • Water leak detection in Roosevelt Gardens


Zip Codes where we offer leak detection service in Broward and Miami:

Miami Zip Codes:

33101, 33102, 33106, 33111, 33112, 33116, 33122, 33124, 33125, 33126, 33127, 33128, 33129, 33130, 33131, 33132, 33133, 33134, 33135, 33136, 33137, 33138, 33142, 33143, 33144, 33145, 33146, 33147, 33150, 33151, 33152, 33153, 33155, 33156, 33157, 33158, 33161, 33162, 33163, 33164, 33165, 33166, 33167, 33168, 33169, 33170, 33172, 33173, 33174, 33175, 33176, 33177, 33178, 33179, 33180, 33181, 33182, 33183, 33184, 33185, 33186, 33187, 33188, 33189, 33190, 33191, 33192, 33193, 33194, 33195, 33196, 33197, 33198, 33199, 33206, 33222, 33231, 33233, 33234, 33238, 33242, 33243, 33245, 33247, 33255, 33256, 33257, 33261, 33265, 33266, 33269, 33280, 33283, 33296, 33299.

Broward Zip Codes:

33302, 33301, 33304, 33306, 33305, 33308, 33310, 33309, 33312, 33311, 33314, 33313, 33316, 33315, 33318, 33317, 33319, 33322, 33321, 33324, 33323, 33326, 33325, 33328, 33327, 33330, 33329, 33332, 33331, 33335, 33334, 33336.

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