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Many people arrive at a point where they need a sewer camera inspection. There is absolutely nothing more unpleasant than having plumbing problems. Even worse is when there’s a problem with your home’s sewer system! Thankfully, you don’t have to face and solve this problem on your own. When you feel you have a problem with your sewer system, it’s the perfect time and opportunity to call a professional - and if you live in Broward, that’s Plumbers 24x7.

Why sewer camera inspection service request are rocketing in Broward County?

Broward has many areas with old house where we still find cast iron in the sewer drainage, which with the time start to collapse in a way or another. Also Broward county is getting very hot for the real estate development in the area. Sewer camera inspection it is a comon service requested by Realtors and clients who are looking to buy a House.

Why do you need a camera inspection?

Most of the time people understand that a sewer camera inspection is needed when the toilet and/or drainages constantly get clogged up. If the property residents are not flushing down wipes or too much paper into the toilet, then something else is happening in the sewer line and we need to understand what is happening there.

Many times, plumbers find snakes who get stuck. However, this is a sign that tells us a sewer camera inspection is needed.

Realtors, understandably, use the sewer camera inspection a lot. When customers want to buy a house, they often ask if it the pipes are made of cast iron or PVC. If they are cast iron, it’s important to know the condition of the cast iron is so they can ask for a price discount. Cast iron is known to often have years of build-up, making it less desirable.

At Plumbers 24x7, we do the sewer camera inspection and upload the videos to the cloud where we share it with our customers, and they can download and/or open it on almost every device. We also send our customers an email explaining the results of the inspection, so they understand what’s going on in the process.

How much does it typically cost to do a sewer camera inspection?

Cost often varies depending on the plumbing company and the area someone lives in, and the peculiarities of the job in that specific property. So, taking those factors into account including the size of the property, the average cost can lie anywhere between $350 and $450.

Why should you hire Plumbers 24x7?

Plumbers 24x7 is a superior plumbing service that helps with a variety of different plumbing issues. We have an impeccable reputation offering excellent sewer camera inspections. However, even more importantly we strive and embrace to be professional, and offer the best in experience and tools. We understand at Plumbers 24x7 that without a professional, customers may spend unnecessary amounts of money after a sewer camera inspection or forgo on buying their dream house. At Plumbers 24x7 we take every job very seriously, and in this case it is not a simple faucet replacement that can just be adjusted or get unclogged. You can always expect us to have your best interest in mind and never suggest for any service to be done unless it’s absolutely necessary. We are your one-stop shop for your plumbing needs, including water heater installation, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, cast iron replacing, and more. Whatever plumbing needs you may have in Broward, we are here to help!

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